Water Restrictions Advised

Extensive damage to the Westport and Carter Beach water supply means the Buller District will enact a Restricted Use Water Order from tomorrow (Thursday, February 17).

Contractors are urgently working to repair pipes carrying raw water from Giles Creek, which were been damaged by slips.

In order to fix leaks and assist in conservation efforts, there will be a shutdown on the Westport trunk main from 1pm to 7pm tomorrow. Residents are advised to fill up containers for drinking before 1pm tomorrow.

Storage ponds are currently at 85 percent capacity. With 20 percent of this water silt laden and unusable, unless water usage reduces, the supply could run low.

“Currently, Buller is using more water than we are producing, and we have to ask people to limit their water usage,” says Buller District Council Manager for Infrastructure Delivery Eric de Boer.

“It’s essential people only use the water for essentials at the moment,” 

What is Restricted Use?

  • Limited use of water for operational and maintenance priorities as required for business sustainability.
  • Limited residential outdoor use only with hand-held buckets, watering cans, and no water blasters.
  • No high-use consumption/filling activities or general hard-surface hosing is permitted, including unattended sprinkler devices
Water saving tips


  • Rinse or peel vegetables in a bowl or sink filled with water instead of running the tap – you could save up to 10 litres every minute
  • Wait until you have a full load before starting your dishwasher. When possible, use the eco-setting
  • Rinse dishes in a sink filled with water, rather than under a running tap
  • Keep a jug of drinking water in the refrigerator instead of running the tap water until cold


  • Turn off the tap when cleaning your teeth or shaving – you could save 10 litres of water a minute. Brush your teeth in the shower.
  • Reduce your shower time to three minutes or less
  • Keep baths to a minimum
  • Every time you flush the toilet you use 13–20 litres of water, so make sure you only flush when you need to. Or use a half-flush if your toilet is fitted with one.


  • Wait until you have a full load before starting your washing machine or use the partial load settings


  • Save water by only watering the garden when it needs it. Use only a handheld hose rather than a sprinkler
  • Water at cooler, less windy times of the day, in the morning or evening, to minimise evaporation and water wastage


  • Do not hose down paths and driveways; use a broom instead.


For tips how to conserve water go to Council’s website (https://bullerdc.govt.nz/water/).

Council apologises for the inconveniences caused and appreciates your cooperation.