Work is full steam ahead at 3 Stafford Street, and this project is on track with key milestones. Mains electrical power has been installed and electrical connections to each house meter board has been completed and is currently being inspected, to ensure each house is safe and certified compliant. Other key activities at Stafford Street include:

  • Alterations to the existing bathroom and toilet areas are being considered, to provide easier access into these amenities
  • WestReef are commencing internal repairs on doors, windows and joinery, to ease these fixtures and fittings following movement in the transport, relocation of the buildings
  • A local Plasterer has commenced repair plastering work on the internal walls that were damaged during transit
  • Painters have been arranged to work on both the internal and external of the houses.  Volunteer Rotary members are booked in to come and help with internal painting in late January/early Feb’22.  Wonderful community spirit!  Contract Painters have been organised to complete the houses exterior walls and doors.
  • Data conduit pipe has been installed in-ground from the boundary to each of the houses.  Chorus will install live connection to the street in the New Year, so individual data network connection can be connected at a later stage
  • The inground sewer, storm water and mains water supply has been trenched and installed from the street to each of the five houses. The connections to internal plumbing, drainage and downpipe connections has now commenced.  Each house will be tested once all plumbing is connected, to ensure all fixtures and fittings are working and certified safe and compliant
  • The landscape design plan has been finalised and includes new sealed driveway, parking, lawn, gardens, pathways, fences and decking.  This landscape work will progress in the New Year
  • All five houses have been measured for curtains and blinds.  These are being arranged through support from Rotary
  • NZ Environmental and Engineering Company – Tonkin Taylor and Haier appliances have offered to donate new whiteware for all houses.  Wonderful community spirit!