Welcome to Recovery Roundup #50

In our final official Recovery Roundup we are sharing a recent update on progress with essential infrastructure repairs that we placed in the Westport News last week.

For Buller Recovery, our work in terms of supporting the social recovery of the community has transitioned to other agencies. We were proud to offer the Community Hub and Navigators, events and other initiatives, to support recovery.

Our work supporting the essential infrastructure repairs programme funded by NEMA, the National Emergency Management Agency, continues. We have wrapped some of this work up whilst other larger projects like wharf repairs will take a bit longer to plan and implement. We will keep you posted as we go along on this website and our Facebook page. Updates will increasingly come directly from Buller District Council also.

Meanwhile, check out the recent progress update below:






Or click on the links below to view the content:

Westport News pg 4

Westport News pg5




You can also reach out for support if you need someone to talk to. Even two years on, it is ok to need help and it takes strength to seek it out. Free counselling for flood impacted Buller residents is available.