What a few weeks it has been!

Once again, our District has been subjected to unprecedented rainfall.  Two back-to-back extreme weather events have seen emergency services and council staff stretched to the limits, and everyone left tired and frazzled. 

I would like to thank you all once again for being strong and resilient, and looking after one and other during these testing times.   These are challenges that we need to face together as a community.  Coasters are renowned for their spirit and fortitude in tough times.  Pulling together and helping your neighbors is now more important than ever.

Photo credit: John Kirk-Anderson / stuff.co.nz

 At the heart of the emergency response, our Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) again operated tirelessly, with compassion and professionalism.  We are lucky to have such skilled and dedicated individuals in our community who can stand up at a moment’s notice and perform to a world-class standard.  Thank you.

Thank you also to all of the volunteers, our staff & Navigators at the Community Hub, and especially to the people of the Buller District for your enduring strength and patience in these trying times.

One of our biggest concerns now is the state of infrastructure around the District. 

The rainfall in the last fortnight was more widespread than what we have seen to date.  Systems and structures that were already weakened by flooding have now been pushed to breaking point in places.  As a result, we are seeing greater damage to horizontal infrastructure over a much wider area throughout the District. 

We have significant damage reported in Karamea, Reefton, Christmas Creek, Waimangaroa, Westport, and a host of other locations.

The Buller District Council is currently carrying out a detailed infrastructure damage assessment to get a better idea of the impact on District roads, bridges, pipes etc.

I also want to reassure people that the flood recovery community support structures, which have been in place for the last six months, will continue for the foreseeable future.  This includes the services provided by our fantastic Community Hub team.

These multiple weather events are stretching everyone’s patience and I truly understand that most people are frustrated and tired.  Rest assured that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes to make sure that people remain safe and secure, and that we develop long term solutions to the challenges our environment throws at us.

Please stay safe, look out for each other, and reach out if you need help.


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The Community Hub has been established to help everyone affected by the flood & severe weather events to get the information and support they need. It can provide a single point of access for assistance for all recovery  related needs  including:
  • Temporary accommodation via MBIE/TAS
  • Application forms for Mayoral Relief Fund
  • Insurance and legal advice via Residential Advisory Service (RAS) who are in Westport on a regular basis
  • Support to access wellbeing and health resources
  • Business Recovery. Register for business support at www.bullerrecovery.org.nz/economic

Our Local Community Navigators can support you and your whānau while you get back on track; connecting you with the services of various agencies to access family, financial, housing and emotional  support. We are also working with MPI and other agencies to determine what additional support is needed for our rural/farming community.

All welcome: If you are feeling stressed or anxious about dealing with any aspect of your recovery, come and have a cuppa and a chat with our friendly team; or just give us a call.

The Community Hub, 175 Palmertson Street, Westport | Phone 0800 768 348 | Open Weekdays 9.30am-4.00pm

 important update!

Residents impacted by the February floodwaters can dispose of rubbish free for two weeks from today.

A kerbside collection service is available for residents of Red & Yellow stickered (placarded) homes only. Read more…


Mayoral Relief Fund Applications invited

In a Media Release yesterday, Government announced a further contribution of $100,000 to be distributed via the Mayoral Relief Fund to support Buller District residents most affected by the severe weather over the last fortnight. Read more…


Immediately after the flooding in July 2021 Westport Rotary President, Peter Campbell, reached out to Rotarians around the country for assistance.  Donations quickly flowed in from members around the country and a fund of $80,000 was established to help the people of Westport. Read more…


Buller flood recovery updates:

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