It’s been a big week of progress on the Queen Street housing side, as well as a show of wonderful community spirit from local & ‘top of the south’ Rotary members who have visited the houses and offered to supply beds and bedroom furniture. Rotary are also considering how they may be able to help with curtains and blinds.

NZ Environmental and Engineering Company, Tonkin + Taylor, and Haier Appliances have offered to donate new whiteware for all three houses on this site.

Progress at 177 Queen Street this week included:


  • All 3x MBIE – TAS new houses are now secured to the new piles.
  • The sewer, storm water and mains water supply has been trenched at the road and piped to the property boundary. The inground pipe connections from the street to each of the 3x houses will commence next week. The connections into the internal plumbing, drainage and downpipe connections will follow in the coming weeks and each house will then be tested to ensure all plumbing and drainage fixtures and fittings are working and are safe and compliant.
  • The mains electrical power cable will be trenched and installed from the street to the house meter boards in the coming weeks, hopefully before the end of November. The electrical connections to each house will follow once the mains power is installed and once livened to each house, full inspections of the houses will occur, to ensure the electrical supply is working to all fixture and fittings and is certified safe and compliant
  • Data network capacity is being arrange to the property boundary. Conduit pipe will been installed in-ground from the boundary to each of the houses in the coming weeks, so individual data network connection can be connected at a later stage.
  • There is a landscape design being drafted. This design plan will include areas of sealed driveway and parking, lawn, garden, pathways, fencing and decking. Much of this landscape work will progress in the New Year
  • All internal doors and windows and joinery will be check and adjusted if necessary. Some minor internal plastering and painting will be required to repair minor damage to walls and ceilings, following the transport, relocation and movement of these buildings.