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Operation Outreach Summary

Thanks to those yellow and red-placarded property owners who responded to our Operation Outreach survey in recent months.

The aim of the survey was to gauge the extent of the rebuild/repair process, possible future housing needs and any ongoing, flood-related needs. Almost 150 responses were received.

More than 40 per cent of respondents had completed their flood repairs and almost half had repairs in progress. A small number hadn’t begun their repairs and in one case, the property was being demolished.

Eleven have a future need for accommodation and are registered with the Temporary Accommodation Service. Two others needed more information and are now registered.

In terms of wellbeing, 55 per cent viewed their overall wellbeing as being a 6 out of 10 or better (10 being the best) and 38 per cent of respondents rated their wellbeing as between 1-5. We encourage people to reach out for support if needed.

Support Officer Social and Welfare Recovery Stephanie Newburry says making connections with flood-affected homeowners and understanding their needs was extremely helpful.

“We went back to people who flagged certain issues and helped them get in contact with the relevant support, be it flood or wellbeing, or within Buller District Council. Some people weren’t aware they could still access funding through the Mayoral Relief fund, so we assisted them with their applications. Thank you again to those who participated.”