Funding is still available for Buller residents who were affected by the region’s flooding events.

More than $650,000 was received after the July event – from Government and donations from individuals, family businesses, fundraising and large corporates. More than 600 applications have been received and $555,000 paid out, leaving $95,000 to be distributed (as at 3 May 2022).

Following the February flooding events, over $85,000 was received in funding and donations and almost $60,000 remains. Funds have been allocated to 30 applicants requiring support.

Buller Flood Recovery Team Manager Social and Welfare Recovery Shayne Barry says they’re still encouraging people to come along to the Community Hub in Westport to talk about how they can be supported.

“We know there are lots of reasons why people haven’t reached out. It might be that they simply can’t bring themselves to talk about the issues they’re facing, they’re exhausted or ‘over it’. In some cases, people have held back because they think there are others worse off than them. I would say to them, everyone who has been affected by the floods has a valid reason to be supported – whether it is financial, navigating the recovery process or simply being listened to.

“We know that some people have used up or are coming close to using up their insurance emergency accommodation allowance of $20,000 or a year of rental support, so they may need some assistance. That is the kind of thing the Mayoral Relief Fund can help with.

“We can help people fill out an application or if they don’t feel comfortable coming in or travel is challenging, they can call 0800 768 348 and we can talk people through where to from here,” says Shayne Barry.

Application forms for the Mayoral Relief Fund are available from the Community Hub, Buller District Council offices, by calling the recovery team on 0800 768 348, or on the Council website:

The direct link to the application page can be found here.