Haier New Zealand will supply 24 new appliances for the eight new Stafford & Queen Street Temporary houses.

The generous donation came via an approach by Lindy Andrews, from Geotech engineering firm Tonkin & Taylor, who was involved in pro-bono work with the Council after the floods.

She contacted Haier to see if they could help out.  “I just wanted to do something more to help the families and the vulnerable who were displaced after the flooding.  I thought I might get a dryer or a fridge.  I am completely blown away by the number of appliances and speed of Haier’s response.”

Haier’s Louise Hancock said the company was more than happy to help out.  “It is heart-breaking to hear about people whose lives are suddenly turned upside down like this.  Haier are in a position to help make these people’s lives a little more comfortable, so it was a very easy decision for us.”

Buller District Recovery Manager, Bob Dickson said the donation couldn’t have come at a better time,   “This is a fantastic initiative by Lindy and Haier to support fellow Kiwis in need.   All eight homes have working/serviceable stoves, but none have washing machines, or dryers, and none have fridges.

“We expect that tenants will be moving in a little after Christmas, so having brand new appliances ready and waiting will make the experience much nicer for them.”

The Haier appliances donated include:

–        8 x Front Load Washing Machines

–        8 x Heat Pump Dryers

–        8 x Refrigerators