Repairing our homes and restoring our communities

Repairing flood damaged homes and restoring our community is a key objective. Supporting people in their repairs, finding temporary accommodation for displaced households and looking at future resilience for Westport and Buller are fundamental to the Buller Flood Recovery team.

Temporary and Long-term Housing

Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is coordinating and taking registrations for finding suitable temporary accommodation for those individuals and whānau with flood affected properties through the Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS). To find out more you can pop down to the community hub in Westport (or call 0800 768 348). You can also go to: www.tas.mbie.govt.nz

Alma Road Temporary Accommodation














 The Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS) is building a 20-house temporary accommodation village on Alma Road in Westport to continue supporting affected residents while they wait to return to the homes or rebuilds. The area is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2022.

 Learn more about the Alma Road temporary accommodation area here.


Alma Road November 2022 update

 Alma Road Village blessing

On Wednesday, 23 November the Alma Road homes were blessed by Ngati Waewae’s Te Rua Mason.

The blessing was attended by flood navigators, Buller Mayor Jamie Cleine, Buller District Council staff and councillors, Temporary Accommodation Services (TAS) representatives, Ray White representatives, and building contractors.

This marked an important day for the community as 18 homes are now complete and nearing being ready for occupation; 2 further homes are still to come.

The hard work and collaboration of all who had contributed to the project were acknowledged in the ceremony along with the agencies who continue to support the flood affected community.

TAS would like to acknowledge the contractors who have worked tirelessly to get the homes ready and make sure flood affected families can enjoy Christmas in the new homes. These contractors are made up of people from the Buller community.

The development in Alma Road has given people of varying ethnic groups, genders, ages an opportunity to be part of building the Westport community back up for those affected by the 2021 floods.

Julia Shanahan, Manager Response and Recovery for TAS said “ My hope is these homes will continue to be ongoing benefit for the community in the future”.

The Paparoa Way project team are aiming to complete the houses needed by the nine TAS whanau moving into the Village completed before Christmas.  Crucial work such as driveways and footpaths need to be completed in the coming weeks in order for the village to liveable.  TAS continues to work with households who are transitioning into the Village with planning in anticipation of their move.

We encourage anyone who has a current or expected need following the flooding and landslips to register with Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS). Households can register their details at www.tas.mbie.govt.nz, or call 0508 754 163.



Alma Road October 2022 update

About Alma Road

Alma Road village is being built by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to support residents in Westport following the flooding event in July 2021. It will enable people to remain in the community while homes are being repaired or rebuilt, or in the case of renters, until they find suitable alternative rental accommodation. The village provides safe, and warm longer-term housing for the flood affected community.

While the first 18 homes will be connected to essential services by the end of October, MBIE’s Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS) is working towards these homes being available for occupation from Friday 25 November 2022. 


Checklist for Flood Affected Dwellings

Please use this guideline to know what council requires from flood-affected homeowners before red and yellow stickers can be removed from homes. Download the checklist for flood affected dwellings here.

Queen Street Temporary Accommodation

Three new homes in Queen Street in Westport are part of work to provide temporary accommodation for people displaced by the floods.

The two and three bedroom houses are newly constructed and were relocated from Napier.
The properties are owned by the Ministry of Business, Employment and Innovation (MBIE) and managed by the Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS).

Stafford Street Temporary Accommodation

Five houses on Stafford Street in Westport were donated by Kāinga Ora – homes and communities – to provide temporary accommodation for flood affected residents. They are managed by TAS.
They are all small three bedroom homes constructed in the late 70s/early 80s and relocated from Canterbury.

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