About Alma Road

Alma Road village is being built by Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) to support residents in Westport following the flooding event in July 2021. It will enable people to remain in the community while homes are being repaired or rebuilt, or in the case of renters, until they find suitable alternative rental accommodation. The village provides safe, and warm longer-term housing for the flood affected community.

While the first 18 homes will be connected to essential services by the end of October, MBIE’s Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS) is working towards these homes being available for occupation from Friday 25 November 2022. This revised move-in-date will ensure the new homes at Alma Road will have landscaping and site works close to completion to avoid disruption to whānau once occupied.

As the new date is approximately seven weeks away, we also hope this gives whānau moving to Alma Road time to prepare for their move and TAS will support them through this process. There will also be an opportunity for those moving to Alma Road to view several of the new homes before they move in.

There are currently 18 new 2- and 3-bedroom houses on site at the village. The final two houses [of 20] for the Village will be delivered to the development once the pump station has arrived from Australia.

Pets are an important part of the family too, and we will do our best to accommodate them. We encourage any household moving to the village who have questions about their pets to contact the TAS Matching and Placement team to discuss their needs.

Some appliances are provided, but other furniture will need to be supplied by each household. Appliances provided include a stovetop and oven, dishwasher, fridge, clothes dryer, washing machine, microwave and a heat pump.

You can find out more in this Update on Westport Temporary Accommodation Service.

Temporary Accommodation Service support is still available for the Community

MBIE’s Temporary Accommodation Service is still receiving new registrations for support in Westport from eligible families. A homeowner or tenant whose primary place of accommodation was damaged in the July 2021 flooding or flooding events are eligible to register. If you have current or future need for temporary accommodation and want to understand more about the village and how it all works, contact MBIE’s Temporary Accommodation Service (TAS).

TAS will be at the Community Hub Monday 10 to Wednesday 12 October 2022

The TAS Matching and Placement team will be working with the Community Navigators at the Community Hub in Westport to answer questions on the following dates and times:

  • Monday 10 October 12pm-4pm
  • Tuesday 11 October 9.30am-4pm
  • Wednesday 12 October 9.30am-12pm

To book an appointment with the Matching and Placement team on the above dates call the Community Navigation Service based at the Hub for advice or call the Hub on 0800 768 348.

If people are unsure of their eligibility or would prefer to speak to someone about their options, they can call our Matching and Placement team by calling 0508 754 163. or register online www.tas.mbie.govt.nz/west-coast-flooding/

There are also updated Frequently Asked Questions FAQs – Alma Road information