Buller Flood Recovery


The Buller Flood Recovery Team is working with Government and local organisations to ensure you can access the help you need to rebuild and recover after the 2021 and 2022 serious weather events.

 The Buller Floods

In July 2021, heavy rainfall caused severe flooding in Westport and surrounding areas, causing widespread damage to properties, interrupting people’s lives, and shaking up our community. Further severe flooding occurred district-wide in February 2022. The February event was a combination of two consecutive weather events and caused significant damage to Westport, many farms and other areas of Buller.

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There’s been a lot of work going on to repair essential infrastructure following the floods, including wharf repairs, the Westport three waters system, Reefton stopbank and landfill and Tiphead repairs at the mouth of the Buller River.

Important decisions are being made about Westport and Buller’s future flood resilience. You can find out more and view videos on the science behind the flooding by clicking on Important Information.

The Buller Flood Recovery Team was established in August 2021 by the Buller District Council to support the recovery of the Buller District. The Community Hub and Navigator Service wrapped up on 27 January 2023, but you can still find a lot of information on this site on recovery and where to go for support.

Key pages:


Important information

Essential infrastructure repairs

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Buller Flood recovery team members with Navigators past and present, along with representatives of local NGOs, at the Community Hub closing event on 27 January 2023.

How We Recover

Five environments, or parts to recovery, have been identified in our recovery plan.
Together, they all contribute to the strategic recovery goal – to restore and create opportunities to enhance our community wellbeing.



Reconnecting our communities


Natural/ rural

Restoring the natural and rural environment



Repairing our homes and restoring our communities



Regenerating the economy



Mahi Kotahi
Working with Iwi in partnership

Latest News

Keep up to date on the latest news, updates and recovery stories from our community.
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Recovery Roundup #50

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